Call for paper (Conference announcement)



Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Supreme Council of Land and Water SCoLW

Ministry of Energy and Water

Technical Secretariat of SCoLW (Water Section)




Fourth National Water Conference

 “Water and Sustainable Development

5-7 March, 2017  (15-17 Hoot 1395)


Presidential Palace

Kabul, Afghanistan  

Draft Concept (V7, 27 January 2017)




Call for paper (Conference announcement)

Forth National Water Conference

Water and Sustainable Development

The Ministry of Energy and Water jointly with members of Supreme Council of Land and Water (SCoLW) have planned to organize the 4th National conference on 6-8th of March 2017 with the support from the development partners such as the World Bank, FAO, JICA etc. to build a platform for discussion and brain storming in order to explore opportunities and challenges of the water sector in Afghanistan in the context of Afghanistan Sustainable Development Goals (ASDGs).

The overall goal of this conference is to provide a platform for the discussion on the importance and role of water resources development and management for the period 2017-2030 and ascertain the development agenda for the Water Resources Development and Management under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The conference will focus on the following two major issues:

1.Water Security:

a.    Water Resources (surface and ground water) Development and management through construction of water resources infrastructures based on the approach of IWRM considering climate change impact, population growth and other uses of water.

b.   Water demand (Drinking water, Irrigation, Industries, Environment, Mining and other uses)

c.    Utilization (Withdrawal, storage of surface and ground water) of water resources to ensure food security to eliminate hunger, alleviation of poverty, increased employment based on the approach of IWRM and optimal use with long term sustainability.

d.   Enhancement of productivity and efficiency of water use for clean drinking water and sanitation; Irrigation and energy generation with the increased stakeholders’ participation, gender equality and employment generation.

e.    Hydropower, clean energy generation and water reuse.

f.    Role institutional and capacity development and significance of research for water security and security from water including

g.   Public Private Partnership (PPP) with direct involvement of civil society and regional joint projects for long term investment in water sector

h.   Rural Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene /WASH Journey  From MDG to SDGs


2.Water induced Disasters and safeguard policies and strategies:

a.    Reduction water induced disasters both through the preventive and mitigation measures by building the disaster resilient structures and adopting appropriate structural and non-structural measures.

b.   Development/Adoption of water quality standard for different water sectors to ensure potable drinking water, sanitation and hygiene for majority of the population and acceptable water quality for irrigation and hydropower generation.

c.    Development/Adoption of appropriate environmental and social safeguard policies/strategies in order to attain long term sustainability in the water resources development.

d.   Water induced disaster (Flood, drought, land slide, erosion, sand dunes, avalanches, debris flow) and risk management for sustainable cities and communities

e.    Climate change and water security

f.    Trans-boundary water diplomacy (Hydropolitics), Water Journalism, policies and strategies

g.   Water Quality for good health, sanitation and awareness

h.   Role of data information sharing at local, national, regional and global levels

Interested researchers and professionals are invited to submit their papers considering the following points:

1.      Authors are expected to submit abstracts of their papers by 10th February, 2017.

2.      Only authors of accepted abstracts will be informed to submit their papers in the light of template and guidelines provided in the website.

3.      The authors are also required to prepare Power Points in the light of their accepted papers and guidelines provided.

4.      The authors will be requested to present their papers in the conference.


Submit your abstract to:

Javid Haidarzadah, Executive Director of Technical Secretariat (Water) TS of Supreme Council of Land and Water (SCoLW). Email:, Cell Ph.: +93 (0) 786413 453


For further information on topics and conference related issues please contact:

Sayed Sharif Shobair, Organizer of Fourth National Water Conference,, , Cell Ph.: +93 (0) 700 281800