The National Groundwater Conference resolution


The National Groundwater Conference resolution


The National Groundwater Conference concluded that the important groundwater resource needs to be mapped, controlled and protected

and this is not happening now. A new approach is needed. The conference concluded the following.

Groundwater coordination:

A groundwater technical committee must be established immediately to coordinate the mapping, monitoring and management of the groundwater resource to assure sustainability of this vital resource for services for all Afghans. MEW will take lead with support from MRRD. All expertise and resources must be available themselves for this special effort national focus on groundwater management.

Information management

It was agreed to establish an information system for effective communication and for sharing all relevant information about groundwater development and use between stakeholders and for the benefit of civil society so that they also can take part in discussions concerning groundwater mapping, monitoring, and management. (Web, online maps, share reports, training material, data)

Groundwater mapping

In order to know how to share the groundwater resources we first have to map what resources we have. The conference recommended that the groundwater mapping should be done for the whole country. The approach developed for pilot project in Faryab should be the starting point for scaling up.



Donor support and funding needed

The government should urge the donors to provide support to the coordinated efforts for national groundwater mapping and monitoring of groundwater resources for the whole of Afghanistan.

Law enforcement

The government must provide the support to assist in enforcement of the water laws and in regulation of water extraction and abatement of groundwater pollution. This is urgently needed now.

Action plan

The Conference endorsed the need to start work immediately.

MEW will take initiative to invite the first coordination meeting within two weeks with all key stakeholders. MRRD should assist with secretary support bringing in experiences from the Faryab project in the work.

A plan should be prepared to complete groundwater mapping within 5 years and to establish groundwater monitoring wells throughout the country to follow changes.

A data quality control system should be developed and implemented for all data collected and for water testing laboratories so as to yield trustworthy data for planning effective development.


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