CASA - 1000 Meeting held in Dubai

The First Day of CASA-1000 Meeting on Procurement was held in Dubai on 20th January 2017.  Meetings are scheduled to last on 22 January. 

Meetings will discuss and make decisions on Afghanistan Transmission Line, Back to Bak station in Pole Khomri, Strengthening of the line between Afghanistan and Tajikistan, Procurement of HVDC Converter Stations in Tajikistan and Pakistan
Procurement of Owners’ Engineer (Sherkat Supervision Project), and administrative and operations issues.
Afghanistan delegation is represented by Mr Amanullah Ghalib, Deputy Minister of Energy and Water, Mr Muhammad Mustafa Master, Deputy Minister of Finance of Ministry of Finance and Senior Adviser to CEO Afghanistan, Mr Qodratollah Delaware, CEO of DABS. 
Important decisions are expected to be taken in regard to the process of procurement and significant agreements to be reached on procurement issues.
Details will be shared as the meetings go along.