Ministry Top Management

Engineer Mohammad Gul Khulmi

Acting Minister of Energy and Water

Engineer Khan Mohammad Takal 

Deputy Minister of  Water

Mohammad Gul Khulmi 

Deputy Minister of Energy


Almas Zakhelwal

Deputy Minister for Admin and Finance 


 حمیدالله "زکا" سرپرست ریاست دفتر




Engineer Shah Mohammad Nikzad

Director of Supervision on Energy projects Implementation



Director of Supervision on water projects Implementation

Engineer Mohammad Humyoon (Kohistani)

Director ofEnergy Programs


Engineer Mirwais Mirzad

Director of Water Policy


Engineer  Mangal 

Director of Training Institute


Engineer Mohammad Tamim(Bahadurzai)

Director of Survey and Projects


Mr. Mohammad Salim

Director of Helmand ConstructionEnterprise


Naser Ahmad Noori

Acting Finance Director


Ebrahim Abram

Procurement Director

Mohammad Arif Alyasi 

Directore of Internal Audit

Mahbobullah Afaq

Director of Water Maintenance

Sayed Qasim Habib

Director of Water rights

Afzal Afzqali

Administration Director

Engineer Mohammad Amin (Monsif)

Energy Advisor


Faridullah Sharafmal

Director Renewable Energy Department