Rural Energy Coordination Committee

Rural Energy Coordination Committee(RECC)

The Inter ministerial commission on Energy (ICE) is closed on May 2012 and hence the sub-committees and TWG was also dissolved as a result of this. The need of such forum is felt to address various issues in rural energy sectors. There is not any formal forum to discuss and coordinate rural energy issues, as one of main task of Government is to increase access to affordable and environmental friendly energy in the rural area. Hence, to bring all the stakeholder at one forum, the Rural Energy Coordination Committee (RECC) is envisaged. Many of issues related with renewable energy technology development in Afghanistan and enhancing coordination was some of the major activities in the ICE sub-committee. Hence, to fulfill this void, this coordination committee is envisaged jointly managed by MEW and MRRD.


Enhancing access to rural energy to rural areas of Afghanistan through promotion of appropriate technologies.


To provide ample environment for promotion of rural energy for every stakeholders


  • To devise and implement the national policy and strategy for renewable energy development with a focus on rural electrification that includes inter-ministerial and donor coordination of relevant projects with focus on cost-benefit and sustainability
  • To identify policy and strategy needs for rural energy development and prepare and implement them through ministry and programs.
  • To develop standard guidelines for various renewable energy technologies applicable to Afghanistan.
  • To prepare rural and renewable energy development master plan for next 20 years.
  • To develop and encourage use of provincial electrification plan with baseline and potential assessment.
  • To conduct and facilitate research and development activities for rural energy development best suited for the country with appropriate technology transfer.
  • To contribute for the national electrical energy planning
  • To share and discuss rural energy projects implemented through various organization.
  • To promote private sector for service providers and provide repair and maintenance services.
  • To establish a better coordination and cooperation among relevant stakeholder organizations.


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Supported by: Afghanistan Energy Programme

Renewable Energy Supply for Rural Areas (ESRA)